Microsofts Web Services afternoon!

Some time during the day, I recieved a mail where I was informed that my web service client I had put together a few weeks ago was useless, because .. *drumroll* .. the server runs Microsofts .NET web services, and as usual, Microsoft took a fully functional standard, and rebuilt it, rendering it useless for any other client than one using Microsofts .NET.

Ofcourse, I do toss these things together in PHP (my pride still being the multithreaded SMPP client I built for a large paneuropean telco company about a year ago), and I was a bit stunned to realize that Microsoft, dispite the fact that they are moving forward to a more open company, still had not fixed these problems for something as commonly used as ‘Web Services’.

I do fully understand if they want to add their own extensions to increase the possibilities for communication between their products, but actually rendering it useless for anyone not using .NET just doesn’t make sense in any way.

I have been told that it is possible to add some sort of compability pack to Microsoft Web Service to make it possible to use other clients, but that this also would require a complete rebuild of the communication modules in their software.

I’m not going to hold my breath for that happening here though!