How to install region blocked Windows 8 Store Apps (Hulu Plus app outside USA)

If you’re following my blog, or just stumbled across it via Google, you’ve probably got a simular interest in technology, media, gadgets and digital entertainment such as we have in our family. This would also make it rather annoying to see that some things are not available for you, if you’re not living in the United States of America.

I’ve recently given my wife a Samsung ATIV Smart PC, a combined i5 Windows 8 laptop and tablet, as an early birthday gift. Awesome little thing, makes me want to have one aswell, but anyway, besides the point … she’s a Hulu Plus user, just as myself, and running Windows 8 on a tablet means that one would want to use the Hulu app to watch Hulu, right?

Just as with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the Windows 8 App Store is region blocked. You can’t download software that’s not officially released in the region you selected on your computer/tablet during install. A bit shitty, especailly if you have the option to jump between your “true” region and USA via VPN (or via different WiFi, as our setup at home permits!).

Worry not! There are ways around it. :-)



Change your configured region, by searching for “region” in the search screen under “Settings”. Voila.

Just don’t forget that you must change the actual physical location (via VPN or in real life) before you can actually use these region blocked apps.

Also, When you install Windows in international language (US/UK), Windows defaults to your country or regional settings to filter applications. This is what we call Localization. This can be an advantage if you don’t care about international apps, and most users really only want “local” apps.

In this house .. no, we want it all. Easy way there too. Open the Windows Store, go to the right for the Windows Charm, and select the settings gear, and then go to “Preferences”, and set “Make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages” to “NO”. Revert back – you can now find all apps that are not *region* blocked.

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