phpBB 3.1 News Robot

I’ve gotten involved in a pretty interesting phpBB forum project lately, and have been noticing that several features and functions that I actually would have expected to exist in phpBB 3.1 are lacking. This has made sure I’ve gone back to some very basic fugly PHP hacking to get the job done.

First up for publishing is my quick News Robot hack for this particular News Forum. It fetches posts from a RSS feed, and posts the “Description” tag as the user “News Robot” in a specific forum section – with a link to the source article aswell. All configurable within the PHP code. The Robot also alters the posting time to the time of the original news post.

Dependencies: dedalozzo @ githubs HTML/bbCode converter.

You need to replace some actual PHP code within phpBB, one file. includes/functions_posting.php, but all instructions are availbale over at github.

Now, I would like to ask you a favour. If you decide to use this bot for your forum, or even build your own with this as a base – please donate! Help me stay motivated to actually release my small useful hacks.