Motion-X GPS + WordPress Plugin

It seems that the Motion-X GPS newspage decided to link to me after I dropped them a note about how I used it. Woho!

Hello Motion-X GPS visitor! :)

Since then, I’ve gotten a few mails asking questions on how I have generated this, and I figured I might aswell make a blog post about it to make sure you get the information straight away.

First of all, I setup sharing in Motion-X GPS with my own personal e-mail address. This makes sure I get both a KMZ and a GPX file mailed to me after every “workout” (after choosing to share it, ofcourse).

Secondly, I am using the WordPress plugin XML Google Maps to generate the map, elevation and speed profile from the GPX file. There are more data that can be generated using this plugin, but it doesn’t fit my theme and has very little or no impact on what I want to see and compare to stay motivated.

The plugin is very easy to install and use, and ofcourse, you are not limited to biking with this application. You can walk, drive your MC, ride your rollerbladess, ski or snowboard. I’ve even done some tests while driving our car just to get some speed- and elevation profiles around the area (but decided not to publish it here).

Anyway, I hope this is the information you were after – and please, leave a comment if you were sent here from the Motion-X website or if you came in elsewhere and find this information useful!