Why should I donate?


Happy that you are here, and especially that you are reading this. That means you are considering helping me and all other readers out by raising funds to keep the blog running, and getting devices and investigating options on how to use them slightly different ways than the manufacturer originally intended.

My most popular blog posts are about satellite recievers and enjoying regional locked content outside those regions. These topics are far from cheap, and although I have ads on the blog, they don’t cover more than the actual hosting costs for the blog.

If any of my blog posts have helped you in any way, pay it forward by donating any sum of cash to my donation box. All money raised are tagged for the blog, and will be used to get new gadgets to try out – and ofcourse document every step of the way.

If you are a reseller or manufacturer of hardware, such as satellite recievers, media players etc, and want to see blog posts featuring your device and alternative usage of them – get in touch at blog@engren.se.