Ainol Novo 7 Paladin ICS 4.0.3 update released

Hi guys!

I know I’ve promised to get back to you with a more in depth review of this tablet, but I haven’t had much time to play with either of them. Or, well, I’ve had time – they have just been occupied by their owners. A positive sign for these tablets, I’d say!

I’ve just upgraded one of the tablets from ICS 4.0.1 to ICS 4.0.3, and as a result, a little bit quicker tablet. Unfortunally I have no changelog for what has changed between the two releases, but it seems to be quite alot. It’s recommendable if you have one of these.

As a reminder for myself and a redundant archive, I’ll copy the instructions and wise words from Colonel Zap;

1. Go to your settings and remember where to change the system language.
2. Download the here. (and yes, I mirrored the file too)
3. Copy the to the root of your sd-card. DO NOT UNPACK.
4. Tablet is off, sd-card is inserted. Press and hold Vol + and Power until update procedure starts.
5. Be patient, wait until update is complete and tablet reboots.
6. Go to the settings and change the language from Chinese to whatever you like (hope you didn’t skip step 1)
7. Enjoy!

As a positive side effect, svtplay mobile (website) actually shows HD content now. Not sure if this is the actual Paladin update or SVTPlay sorting out some more problems on their side. All good, either way. :)


Edit 2012-02-28;

Apparently, there is a ClockworkMod out for this tablet, together with other information on how to get Youtube running if you are struggling with that, in combination with a custom rom that has been released.

I have followed this up with another post and instructions on how to proceed here.

The future looks bright for Ainol Paladin users!


61 thoughts to “Ainol Novo 7 Paladin ICS 4.0.3 update released”

  1. Some known issues with the factory installed version 4.0.1 are fluctuating/choppy WiFi connection (which I solved myself by using 802.11g only), some HTML5 problem and some apps does not install or are not compatible.

    This update is supposed to sort out the WiFi and HTML5 problems.

    Although – a software upgrade won’t sort out the compability issue – as that’s all because of the developers not having a MIPS version of their software available at this point. We should all pitch in and bug the developers to ensure that they release a MIPS version too!

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  2. hi , was wantimg to no if u could give me some more info on how to copy zip to the root of sd card , does that mean i need sd card in tablet or do u mean internal memory, sorry if that sounds silly but dont no much about this stuff . thanks dwayne

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  3. Hans,
    I copied the file to a micro sd card that i put in my paladin, i held down the volume up and power button and then released it when it looked like it was updating and like 30 seconds later it just turned off, HELP!
    i tried a couple time now and i just cant get it to update

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    1. Hi Chris,

      Sorry to hear that you ran into problems. I can only assume that you had the charger connected when executing the upgrade, so it didn’t run out of battery during the actual upgrade process. For me, the entire upgrade took a total of 10 minutes or so, from when the upgrade screen appeared until it was fully completed.

      If your tablet seems stuck on the Paladin screen, this could either mean that it’s currently booting (and it was stuck there for a LONG time for me too) – or that the upgrade failed. You can use a needle or something simular to poke into the hole labeled “reset” on the side to get it to do a hard reboot. Only way forward that I can think of is to hook it up to the charger and get it to boot the upgrade from the SD card by pressing the volume and power buttons to initialize the upgrade and then just leave it until it’s done.

      Also, please make sure that the zip file is not corrupted after you downloaded it! The md5 checksum for is 32d59c32e687ea94bb6d983afe2f3a3b.

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  4. Hi Hans,
    I didn’t have it connected to the charger when i started the upgrade, but i had a good charge when i started so i dont think that was the problem. i tried restarting it and redoing the upgrade but its still shutting off, and right now it keeps still getting stuck on that ainol tab NOVO7 Paladin Screen

    When yours was upgrading what screens what it on and was the device ever on a black blank screen?

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  5. The upgrade screen, when it actually started (it took a while to get there), is the following:

    It’s easy to see that it’s upgrading. If you didn’t make it that far, odds are something else went wrong.

    What happens if you try the upgrade procedure without the card inserted? Same behaviour? If so, the SD card (or the upgrade file) cannot be read.

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  6. Hi Hans,
    I FINALLY got it working and working with the ClockworkMod, looks good only problem is when i click on the android market app nothing happens, do i need to download a new android market apk file and install it?

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  7. Will this fix the false positive screen issue (or whatever it’s called; ie: ghost screen user)… and what to do if my tablet is already stuck on the flashing lights (intro) screen since last night before I ever became aware that the update was available? I rebooted it because it wouldn’t switch orientation but it never got past the intro screen, despite trying the reset button and holding down power.. very frustrating, wish I’d never bought the damn things :-(

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  8. sad to report that it does NOT in fact fix the false positive screen issue, the tablet is still playing with itself.. any ideas how to fix THAT? btw I somehow managed to power off the other one and it is updating now, so fingers crossed that it will power on afterwards..

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    1. Sorry to hear about your issues – not seen any of the issues that you are mentioning. If you still have these issues after the upgrade to this version, I’d consider requesting a RMA with the company you bought them from. Yes, both units. Neither of the two units that I purchased are having any issues what so ever, and we’re quite happy with them.

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  9. I have done all the procedures including getting the upgrade icon but I think I am still on the old version, in settings it still says 4.01, please can you assist?

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  10. Hi just in the process of upgrading mine almost done.
    it kept turning off when i start the upgrade process like one of the posts above, but it was plugged in via usb (i didnt want any power disruptions) but it kept restatring took the usb cable out and almost done 96%…..

    wish me luck

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  11. Bought the Paladin for my daughter and am trying to update the firmware without success. Would someone be so kind with a idiot proof step by step guide. I have the downloaded zip file on my pc but get confused after that!!
    Many thanks

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  12. I have done the update succesfully. Just be sure that your SDcard has lot of free space (I am not sure how much). It had freezed on the ainol screen the first time due to the luck of free space on the card.

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  13. Hi there…your instructions for the upgrade for the Paladin were the clearest I could find on the net…many thanks. The file download was also the quickest of all those I could find…also thanks!

    I have now updated my Paladin successfully to 4.03 AND watched a Youtube video to show how to reset the language and keyboard to English…really simple.


    I still can’t get flash to work…Play Store tells me it’s already installed but it doesn’t work…I even searched for, and found, an unofficial Flash update but that didn’t work either.

    Hans…is there an easy to follow work-around to get flash to work (I’m an old fart so it has to be easy ;-) )or am I stuck with a unit that that will never be able to show flash video?

    Is there an official ICS update from Ainol that will fix the flash problem?

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  14. hello,
    i updated mine today and its stuck on the ainol Tab NOVO7 Paladin screen and has been for a long time ive tried resetting it and holding the volume + and power but still the same thing happens

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    1. Hi Peter,

      Please double check so that you have plenty of free space on the SD card. I’ve seen reports where people have been unsuccessful with the upgrade until they have free’d up space on the card.

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  15. Tkz for the clear instructions i did what you wrote above and everything worked out fine.I have now 4.03 and the wifi act super.

    By the way is their a possibility to get the pad in dutch language

    gr frank

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  16. Hi, I finally managed to update my novo7 Paladin to 4.0.3 thanks to your post, its so easy to apply.BTW can I unmount the sdcard after that,will it cause problem? Thanks

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  17. hey , i seriously nid ur help ~… tab is kinda weird nw…..its stuck at the aonol paladin start screen….i do as u say ,changing the to but when i reboot n pressing volume + button…..its stuck at the robot updating menu….plzi nid ur help T.T

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  18. hi,
    i found a solution to the the device problem of ainol novo 7 paladin powering down (screen turning black) during the updates. start the device in clockworkmod recovery, select the file you wish to flash such as the 0.8 rom, then while it is updating, you have to plug in the usb and remove it over and over. my usb plug was also plugged into the wall. repeat this until the update is done and your device will not turn off on its own. do this at your own risk, but it worked for me.

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  19. i have a problem updating my paladin when i start updating a robot with animated circle appear then after a seconds it lie down and it has a warning sign. but it dos’nt stock on ainol logo or something.

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  20. i have novo 7 rainbow…can u rpovide me the firmware :( my tablet software is corrupt…not starting…i updated novo 7 legend in it but touch not working…can u proved me novo 7 Rainbow frimware…or suggest me somethng

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  21. thank you so very much!!! i have been chasing this firmware for my novo 7 paladin with nothing but fake links and dead ends. right when i was about to give up i found this page on google. i downloaded the update, applied it and it worked 100%. thank you for mirroring the link. you are a life savor!!

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      1. han’s do you have a working mirrored link for the most current firmware for the blu studio 5.0 c dual sim phone? and for the htc evo shift 4g model pg06100 and for a zeki 10.1 inch quad core tablet? model tbqg1084? i am having no luck finding and working download links for the firmware for these devices. thank you once again.

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    1. It’s an actual physical sdcard you must insert into your device, and it must be placed in the root of that sdcard. Where that then is mounted on the device when inserted isn’t relevant for the rest of the procedure. :-)

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